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The robust and powerful platform for all your AG decision needs

FieldClimate header

FieldClimate was introduced in 2005 as the first-ever web platform for collecting and displaying agro-meteorological data for tens of thousands of weather stations and sensors installed worldwide.

The brain behind METOS®

FieldClimate is more than just an extension of the hardware. It gathers, calculates, analyses and graphically presents the data from measurements done by the sensor (sets) in the field.

With activating weather forecast, plant disease models, and satellite and/or FarmView subscriptions for FieldClimate, you get an extensive group of solutions that help accept every important farming decision.

AG Solutions with METOS® subscriptions within FieldClimate

  • Weather forecast & monitoring
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Plant Disease modelling
  • Insect monitoring
  • Work planning tools:
    • Plant Nutrition
    • Field accessibility
    • Tillage ability
    • Sowing window
    • Plant protection
    • Harvest window
    • Yield Prediction
  • Dairy and poultry stress calculations
  • Accumulator tools:
    • Degree days
    • Chilling units
    • Rain sum
  • Data storage & API
  • Data statistics & modelling
  • Notifications & alarms

Operating System

In the desire to enrich the user experience and bring the field, and everything that is happening on it, Pessl Instruments developed a version of FieldClimate for mobile phones that is available for both iOS and ANDROID operating systems.

Highlighted features

  • Remote access to all in-field devices
  • Display current conditions from any device sensor
  • Map view of all devices for chosen variable
  • Site-specific forecasting – simple and detailed
  • Access to your crop disease models
  • Assess your soil moisture by sensor depth
  • View insects captured in your iSCOUT® trap

Solutions in the palm of your hand

FieldClimate for iOS

Fantastic new features making field control easier than ever.

FieldClimate - IoS

FieldClimate for Android

Seamless field management in the palm of your hand.

FieldClimate - Android


FieldClimate is one of the first and worldwide web platforms specifically designed for collecting-analyzing, and displaying agronomic, meteorological, soil, insect and tracking data from the farm, field or environment.

The integration with various Smart-Agri solutions directly provides farmers with actionable tools, helping them ease the farm management processes, save resources, avoid costly errors and earn the most out of their hard work.

  • John Deere
  • Davis Instruments
  • Azure FarmBeats
  • Horta
  • RIMpro
  • xarvio®
  • Myirrigation

and many more.

FarmView - new tool within FieldClimate

After launching a new mobile app version for iOS in 2019 and for Android in 2020, Pessl Instruments is offering yet another tailor-made tool within FieldClimate that enables you to visualise weather, soil moisture and growth information for your fields.

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In case you encounter any trouble, visit the Fresh desk.

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