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Bálint Peter Süle

Country Manager METOS HUNGARY

The digital age is here. With innovative technologies at hand, farmers worldwide are rethinking the management of farms – increasing their yields and income by carefully monitoring and optimizing their inputs. The METOS® Decision Support System plays an important role in collecting environmental data, used for the optimization of farm management activities and enhanced fieldwork planning.

What do you need to measure?

Various types of weather stations, data loggers, traps, cameras and other hardware solutions under the METOS® brand measure a variety of environmental parameters, from soil moisture and and soil temperature, to various climate parameters, precipitation, leaf wetness etc. 

Data collected is regularly uploaded to FieldClimate platform where you can access it from any place at any time in real-time and also take advantage of many decision support solutions.


From agriculture to smart cities, research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning and more. Discover our solutions made-to-measure your sector.

What can we do for you?

Project development support.

We offer a global network of experts on hand, including our certified agronomy partners that provide you ready-to-use algorithms, such as interpolations or different optimization algorithms.

Field sensors and data loggers.

We supply you with the sensors you need for your engineering solutions.

Maintenance package.

We run your stations and deliver you the data.

METOS Eco System - FC, station and solutions

platform and API services

FieldClimate is more than just an extension of the hardware – it is their brain. It gathers, calculates, analyses and graphically presents the data that comes from measurements done by the sensor (sets) in the field.

FieldClimate API provides easy, open and complete access to all data on FieldClimate. Apart from the comprehensive documentation, we also support your developers.

Portfolios and publications

Get to know our hardware and software solutions. Read more about our products, use cases where our products and solutions were used and many more.


Find everything you need - from Technical catalogue, Software catalogue to Leaflets, Brochures and Use cases.



Discover various types of weather stations, data loggers, traps, cameras and other METOS® hardware solutions.



Make sure everything is stored, analysed and ready to give you actionable information that helps you decide what to do next.


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    About METOS® by Pessl Instruments

    Pessl Instruments has been serving growers, researchers and managers in 85 countries for more than 38 years. We help them with customizable precision agriculture hardware and software solutions which cover all needs, pain points and challenges that boots on the ground face in their everyday work and we are proud to make the burden of decision making a bit lighter.

    Founded in 1984, Pessl Instruments became a leading manufacturer and developer in smart technology agriculture on all continents. A complete range of wireless, solar-powered monitoring systems under METOS® brand and app FieldClimate, which was born in 2005 as the first-ever web platform for collecting and displaying agro-meteorological data, became an indispensable partner of every farmer who uses them.