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iMETOS Mobilab is no longer a part of the regular METOS® portfolio and is available on special demand only.

Contact your local METOS® distributor or contact for more information.

iMETOS MobiLab

A portable lab for plant, sap & water analysis

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Soil, Water & Plant Sap Analytics for every filed

Whether it is row crops, vegetables or fruits, every farmer knows that fertilizer is essential for a wealthy harvest, but determining when and how much to fertilize is sometimes a struggle. Fertilizers, as well as their distribution in the field, cost money. Furthermore, overfertilization seriously damages the environment. The new laws for fertilizer use also limit the maximum use per season. By using the iMETOS MobiLab you minimize overfertilization and still meet the actual needs of the crop. A conventional laboratory measurement gives the highest precision results, however, it takes time before results are delivered and the method is expensive. iMETOS MobiLab is the simple answer that integrates soil, water and plant sap nutrient analysis into a single microfluidic chip.

Added value for you:

  • Laboratory precision analysis for Total Nitrogen in soil [Nitrate NO3 & Ammonia NH4] from soil
  • Many other macro and micronutrients from plant sap, wastewater, irrigation water and so on
  • Fast and reliable nutrient measurements, saving time (results in only up to 2 hours) and money (low cost per sample)
  • High precision of analysis, as it is done immediately after soil sampling
  • Price and workflow allow you to analyze every sample point of your field and get high-resolution nutrient map of your field
  • Every single analysis is saved in our software, full nutrition history is available for long-term analysis
  • Different samples can be measured on one ground-breaking chip
  • Data can be exported and used in 3rd party software to make nutrient prescription maps
  • Every sample is GEO-referenced
  • Knowing nutrient levels all the time
  • Avoid under fertilization and make sure you reach your crops’ full potential
  • Avoid over-fertilization (money loss, leaching of nutrients)


iMETOS MobiLab is a simple and innovative soil macro-nutrients analyzer based on capillary electrophoresis. It returns quick results of NO3 and NH4 from the soil and many more nutrients from plant sap and other sources. The measured data can be related to GPS coordinates via mobile app (available for Android and iOS) and can, therefore, support precision farming systems.

Crop macro-nutrient needs are easily satisfied with pre-drilling or post-emergence fertilization. A real adequate fertilization can not be based on empirical evaluation; plant needs are satisfied by the factual presence of chemical elements in soil.

If you want to minimize over-fertilization and still meet the actual needs of the crop you need exact data. And measuring the nutrient level in the soil with iMETOS MobiLab is the answer.

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Soil, Water and Plant Sap Analysis


The new FarmView services integrate Sentinel-2 Earth observations. This helps to determine homogeneous and inhomogeneous zones inside the fields. From this data, we can retrieve a useful soil sampling pattern.


The iMETOS MobiLab Sampler records the position of the sample and the sampling time. It assigns a unique identifier (UI) to each soil and plant sap sample. After saving the UI, sampling time and position are stored in FieldClimate and an optimized workflow is suggested. Data can be synced with the LOAC Software (Windows 7 or newer). The MobiLab LabOnAChip® measures soil samples via capillary electrophoresis (CE) on small microfluidic chip in an automated manner. An internal standard (ISTD) needs to be added to the sample before measuring.


The iMETOS MobiLab Lab-on-a-Chip SAP contains everything needed for measuring plant sap. With a simple garlic press and some plastic gear one can easily take samples from leaves. The iMETOS MobiLab Lab-on-a-Chip WATER can be used to monitor irrigation water.

Soil analysis

The MobiLab Soil Extraction set contains the hardware to take a soil sample and prepare an extract for further measurement. The set contains a sieve and a bowl to homogenize the solid soil sample. A tube inside a tailor-made balance takes the sieved sample up. Distilled water is then added. The balance records the actual share of the sample and the water; thus error tolerant working becomes possible. Afterwards, the tube is placed on a shaker and left there for 30 minutes to extract the nitrogen compounds. Balance and shaker communicate with the MobiLab software via a USB-hub.

The iMETOS Mobilab Lab-on-a-Chip SOIL supplies the Lab-on-a-Chip and the necessary plastic ware to undertake the subsequent soil measurements.

iMETOS MobiLab Lab-on-a-Chip®
(soil, water or plant sap)

Sample volume
50 -100 μl
Measurement range
3-1000 ppm; 0.01-0.5 g/kg
0.5 ppm; 1 mg/kg
For measurements of liquid concentrations (ppm): ±3 %
For measurements of soil concentrations (mg/kg): ±15 %
Chip lifetime
Approximately 300-500 tests
Battery life
2 hours of measuring time


Chemical solutions, plastic ware, filters and microfluidic chips will need to be replaced after every 300 measurements. iMETOS MobiLab SOIL Consumables, iMETOS MobiLab WATER Consumables and iMETOS MobiLab SAP Consumables deliver everything needed for the next 300 measurements. If one wants to change from soil measurement to plant sap and vice versa it will be enough to equip your system with the necessary tools and consumables.


Power supply
12 V adaptor for wall outlet
2 hours of working time
MobiLab Consumables

Single Nutrient Measurement

The iMETOS NO3 Electrode is an ion selective electrode (ISE) capable of measuring nitrate. After a two point calibration the Electrode is immersed in the soil extract and returns the concentration of nitrate immediately. This value can be entered into the iMETOS MobiLab Software.

Concentration range
7 x 10-6 to 1 M (0.1 - 14,000 ppm as N)
pH range
2.5 to 11 pH
Temperature range
0 to 50°C
Electrode resistance
1 to 4 megohms
+/- 4%
Minimum sample size
3 mL in a 50 mL beaker
Electrode length – 155 mm
Body diameter – 12 mm
Cap diameter – 16 mm
Cable length – 100 cm
iMETOS NO3 Electrode

Project Declaration

iMETOS MobiLab is the result of a Paneuropean project
that features:

  • Laboratory precision analysis for NO3
  • Results availability in minutes
  • GPS-geo referencing of samples
  • Multiple sample analysis on a single chip
  • Results are stored on web platform for future use
  • Possible integration with precision farming systems
Mobilab project EU project declaration

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