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Premature Frost Damage Can Be Devastating To Crops

Introducing: Extreme Weather Monitoring Tool

Having accurate weather forecasts during frosts becomes essential for timely reaction and possible prevention of the worst from happening. Having appropriate tools for frost prediction will help you:

  1. plan and implement appropriate frost protection measures for your crops, minimizing potential damage and financial loss;
  2. make informed decisions about planting, maximizing your yields and profits;
  3. stay ahead of weather-related risks and be better prepared for potential challenges that come along with them.
Extreme Weather Forecast_cover

How Do Wet And Dry Bulb Temperature Sensors And Weather Forecasting Work Together?

We’ve introduced a new graph that includes real-time measured data from your station’s wet and dry bulb temperature sensors coupled with an accurate prediction of temperature trends over the next 48 hours. This allows you to know your current orchard and/or field conditions, a site-specific forecast for the key frost conditions and to track the historical trends.

A screenshot from FieldClimate of the new tool to predict frost. The quality of the forecast is improved with the presence of sensors in the field and frequently updated with the latest data from your station, satellite and radar.

As a general rule of thumb, if the air temperature is forecast to fall between 0 °C and 4 °C on a night with little or no clouds and light winds, then you need to bear in mind there may be frost outside in the morning.

The closer it is to zero, the greater the chance of seeing frost.
If the air temperature is forecast to be below zero, then the risk of seeing frost is much higher

You Can Protect Your Plants

Plants can be protected from frost damage using various methods and monitoring the wet bulb temperature in real-time.

This parameter better represents the temperature within the plant tissues during frost conditions, predicts the potential frost and it tells the right moment when to start the irrigation system. 

You will then be able to benefit from site-specific weather readings in real-time and you will be ready for an optimal prediction of frost risk.

Extreme weather monitoring tool
Warning horizontal lines are also shown on the graph of the new tool “Extreme weather monitoring”, once the user has set the thresholds specific to its needs under Settings -> SMS Warnings/Notifications: blue line (Warning SMS) and green line (Notification)

Set Your Real-Time Frost Alerts

When a frost event is close to happening an alert is sent by:

  • text,
  • sound and
  • email.

This way you’ll know the exact moment in which crops are at risk and this will help save you money. 

Furthermore, it can determine if your frost mitigation tools are having the desired effect or need to be adjusted for efficiency.

Frost Doesn’t Wait For You To Be Ready

“Extreme weather monitoring” tool is available with the Weather Forecast subscription.

Visit our and obtain one now or contact your local distributor.