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μMETOS CLIMA weather station is (in LoRaWAN® terminology) an End node device, which communicates with the LoRa® gateway. LoRa® gateway needs to communicate (forward) the data to the LoRa® network server, LoRaWAN® network server pushes the data to LoRa® app and LoRa® app pushes the data to our FieldClimate platform.

Sounds difficult? Not really. The user just needs to make sure, the μMETOS CLIMA device is provisioned on the LoRa® server and that the LoRa® network provider pushes the data to PI FieldClimate platform, other things are, in most cases, plug-and-play.

We can provision and preconfigure the μMETOS CLIMA devices and LoRa® gateways on TTN or private LoRa® server upfront to simplify the deployment process.

When ordering LoRaWAN products, fill out this ordering document: LPWAN (LoRaWAN) order details. Send the filled document to

LoRawan regions

We support

  • LoRaWAN EU863-870, US902-928, AU915-928, AS923 frequency plans.
  • Actility
  • ‘ChirpStack’
  • The Things Network
  • A2A Smart City
  • Everynet
  • KPN
  • and many others
  • Cisco
  • Kerlink
  • Raspberry Pi with RAK381
  • Laird
  • NAS
  • Gateway with a satellite backhaul link
  • LORIX One
  • Ursalink


NB-IoT is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology that uses low power for communication and is therefore suited for the IoT-connected devices. NB-IoT runs in the mobile network frequency space, using unused GSM channels or free space between LTE channels.


NB-IoT network can be only provided by the mobile network operators and a dedicated regional frequency is needed.

Typical Range

The typical range of the NB-IoT-enabled IoT devices is 15 kilometres from the base station.

Typical Usage

Useful for smart devices which sends small amount of data and can get also response from the server to the device. Useful for smart sensors, tracking and fleet management (coverage should be the same as for the GSM signal after all frequencies and licenses in each country are covered).


Each IoT device needs to have a provisioned SIM card, provided by the NB-IoT network operator. Latency can be between 1 and 10 seconds, the speed of the network is low and it is intended to transfer only smaller amounts of data (not more than 1 MB).


iMETOS® NB IoT is a new generation of the iMETOS® weather stations, that operates on the NB IoT network. Mounting in the field is done in minutes. iMETOS® NB IoT can handle various sensors.

NBIoT Topology

For NBIoT connectivity station need to have NBIoT provisioned SIM card. We can provide you necessary sim card or you can use your own. For details, contact your key account manager or local distributor or