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The endless usage possibilities
of the METOS® brand

We have been serving growers, researchers, greenkeepers, and managers in 85 countries for more than 37 years. We help with customizable holistic precision-decision making hardware and software solutions which cover all needs, pain points and challenges that boots on the ground face in their everyday work and we are proud to make the burden of decision-making a bit lighter.

What is your main field of work?

Choose the solutions that are tailored to your line of business:


(orchards, vineyards, arable crops, …)



(cattle, swine, poultry)



(golf courses, parks, city climate, stadiums, …)



(original equipment manufacturer)


Agriculture - Crop growing

You cannot control the weather. But you can control how you respond to it.

Agriculture is without a doubt one of the most weather-depended industry sectors. Therefore having accurate, precise and reliable weather data is crucial for successful crop management and production. Is it time for planting, seeding, irrigating, harvesting, spraying, fertilizing? With METOS® solutions you will always know which step to take next.

Agriculture - Animal breeding

Early detection of any stress indicators is crucial to provide animal well-being and reacting to the slightest behavioral change is one of the best approaches to mitigating problems.

Smart technologies prove to be very helpful when it comes to animal breeding. Livestock is often kept in larger groups and the quality of living conditions can quickly change. Therefore, collecting data can help you prevent different stresses on your flock or herd.

Sensors help monitor the changes in health and behaviour of animals and are overall used to improve animals’ health, welfare, and performance.

Recommended equipment for animal breeding

Smart cities, golf courses & other sports

Due to growing population and expansions of cities, accepting sustainable development practises in all aspects of living is essential. With data-collecting sensors cities can improve energy distribution, deliver effective services for traffic control, react on time to prevent weather-related events, such as floods and hail, and even help improve air quality.

Recommended equipment for parks, golf courses, smart cities, and more

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

If you are a well-established company or a start-up, OEM brings you quality, expertise, and a great relationship that helps you thrive. 

With branded station and cloud API, you will empower your branding within your clients. Furthermore, we offer a revenue stream that will progressively flow into your company and help you grow. As a startup, you won’t need to run your own factories – you just use your own software developments and connect them with an OEM.

Benefits & advantages:

  • Reliable local service
  • Gathering and analysing of data from other stations
  • Weather forecast with and without local station calibration
  • Lowered risk when entering the market
  • Personalization and branding to integrate the service in the product range
  • Customized engineering
  • Access to fully equip and ready-to-use devices
  • Additional income
  • Reduced cost of production

Hardware & project development support


We have 38 years of experience in hard-software development and a multi-disciplinary team. We understand many verticals: digital agriculture, smart city, animal husbandry, and sensors of many kinds and you can access this knowledge to further refine your business model. We are also happy to brainstorm ideas with your R&D team. Against a consulting fee, we offer a global network of experts on hand, including our certified agronomy partners that provide you with ready-to-use algorithms, such as interpolations or different optimization algorithms.


The best IoT sensors for agriculture, smart cities, golf courses, and more. With 36 years of experience, we’ve perfected them to be extremely robust, reliable and optimized for a smooth implementation and reliable data generation.


We run your stations and deliver you the data. We count with a nation-wide maintenance technician network, intelligent predictive maintenance, route planning systems, and automatic calibration systems. This is why we can offer you the all-in-one package for a very competitive cost. You will get periodic reports about the data quality.

Available equipment, software & applications

Aren’t sure which product is right for your line of work? Contact us. We are happy to help.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and solutions or if you are ready to get one!

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